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Welcome to the Church CREW software

A dynamic and intuitive tool designed to streamline the scheduling and management of church volunteers and activities. Our software is engineered to facilitate efficient coordination, ensuring that both administrators and volunteers can focus on what truly matters: serving the community and fulfilling the mission of the church. Below, we detail the key features that make Church CREW an essential asset for your organization:

Advanced Schedule Creation: Choose from four innovative modes to create your volunteer schedules:

    • AI/Optimized/Fairness Algorithm: Let our advanced system automatically generate a balanced schedule.
    • Manual Schedule Building: For those who prefer a hands-on approach, manually craft your schedule with ease.
    • Intelligent Copy: Save time by copying the previous month’s schedule, allowing the system to automatically resolve any conflicts and fill in gaps.
    • Volunteer Recruitment: Effortlessly seek and sign up volunteers via email, making the process of filling slots simple and effective.

Seamless Management of Changes: Our software takes the hassle out of handling swaps and cancellations, automatically managing these aspects to ensure smooth operations.

Reliable Confirmation System: Enhance accountability and ensure that volunteers are up-to-date with their commitments through our confirmation feature.

Comprehensive Notifications: Keep everyone informed with:

    • Text Message Alerts: Send timely notifications directly to volunteers’ phones.
    • Admin Emails: Keep administrators in the loop with updates on schedule changes.
    • User Notifications: Ensure volunteers are aware of new schedules and upcoming shifts.

Integrated Calendar Functionality:

    • Embeddable Calendar: Integrate the full schedule into your church’s website or any platform to provide easy access for all members.
    • iCal Integration: Allow volunteers to sync their schedules with personal calendars, with automatic adjustments for any declared unavailability.

Discover how Church CREW can revolutionize the way your church organizes and communicates with volunteers. Experience the ease of scheduling and the peace of mind that comes with a well-coordinated plan, all powered by our innovative software solution.

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